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Consulting services for the age of AI – proven solutions honed from the intersection of capital markets and evolving technology

Ronan Donohue - Capital Markets & Fintech consultant

About me

As a former investment banking managing director with a career spanning three decades, I established Q4 Capital Advisors (Q4) after reflecting on how rigorous a school of learning my time in the markets turned out to be. In particular, I realised that the skillset I honed during these years was applicable (albeit in different ways) to industries and ecosystems far beyond the narrow confines of traditional wholesale finance, not least the non-profit sector.


Through Q4, I offer consulting services in a range of capacities covering Capital Markets, FinTech (including AI and Blockchain) along with the associated economic and geopolitical climate. How I can apply this experience depends on your business.


I have specific expertise in Hybrid Capital, a form of finance most relevant to the banking sector, but it is also applicable to various other challenges. For example, I have advised the European Commission on innovative funding aspects of the Green Deal drawing heavily upon my experience in traditional capital markets financing. Given the rapid pace of change in FinTech (most especially generative AI), all consultations and recommendations are tested against developments in this space. 


I am available as a commentator through both print and broadcast media.



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